The term "Development" already covers a broad spectrum of possible services.

We cover a broad slice of what our clients want so we provide both CMS (Content Management Systems like Joomla, Wordpress etc.) based website development and custom web application development as well as hybrid solutions that integrate with third party apps like those CMS's, the Google API framework etc.

We are very proud of the custom web and mobile applications we build using PHP, MySQL, JAVA and other open source solutions. We essentially condense someone's ideas or business model into a working application or product they then provide to their clients. Unfortunately almost all of the impressive custom applications we build are closed systems so you need to be a registered user or the owner thereof to really see what it can do. Lets rather use a famous quote by Roger Clemens "I think anything is possible if you have the mindset, the will and desire to do it and put the time in" now lets round that off with a quote by Henry Rollins "Pizza makes me think that anything is possible" and you get he idea ;) Your idea IS possible, all we need to do to make it a reality is put in the time and effort to make it real - that is what we do!

Please contact us for a chat about your needs, then we can give you some relevant references, websites and maybe even access to a more advanced web application or two that we are responsible for.


Note: Although it is not our primary business, our skill set also makes us a unique partner able to assist clients who need assistance in diverse web application and website needs like updating, fixing, expanding or securing existing solutions.
We are always happy to help, even if it is only to consult in a matter.