Privacy and non disclosure


Due to the very nature of what we do it is impossible for us to come into contact with sensitive information, client contact information, client data and business processes and for that reason it is often a requirement that we sign an NDA with a particular client. The below details legally bind us to what we already adhere to due to our moral code but it has to be in black and white so there is no questions later. By being a client of us we promise you the following.

Data Security

We use encryption, firewalls and other security technologies and procedures to help protect the confidentiality of your personal information, contact information and ALL data stored on ANY servers under our care. We actively prevent unauthorized access or improper use thereof. Passwords for services, our client database, access to our servers and servers under our care are not stored in a publicly accessible format or location. Client data is also stored in such a way that no client can access another clients data and in some cases it is stored in an encrypted format.

Consent to data and information Collection

We store specific information in our client database (only related to contact information and technical data of any particular service or product provided to that particular client) to ensure efficient and professional support is provided for all services we supply. Further to that it is impossible for us not to grasp those business processes and practices associated to the services and products we render to any particular client, this is not stored on our side unless it related to service delivery. By using any service or product we provide, a client accepts this fact.

Data ownership and non disclosure

Any and all client data remains the property of that particular client, we reserve no right on any such data in part or in whole and in particular will not use any such data for our own benefit or the benefit of any third party. We have no rights to provide any such data to any third party or disclose any data or client information to any third party, this includes details about the clients business processes and practices, contact information and any physical data under our care.


We agree to and do treat any client data and information under our care as private and confidential at all times and do everything humanly possible to ensure it stays as such while under our care.

Non Disclosure to third parties

In some cases third parties become involved in a service or product provided to a client - this includes but is not limited to situations where a third party developer needs to access a server of the client to develop software, where the client needs to provide information to a third party for some reason, where the client has his or her own client that needs access to specific services or features etc. In such cases client information or data will only be disclosed to such a third party, in a controlled manner, with prior written authorisation by our client.

Compliance with Applicable Law

Protecting Customer privacy is of utmost importance to us. Accordingly, we have developed this Privacy Policy in order to safeguard the Customer's personal information and to protect the confidentiality thereof. In so doing, we have taken cognisance of the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act, 108 of 1996, the \ Electronic Communications Act, 25 of 2002 and the Protection of Personal Information Bill of 2006 and the common law so as to ensure compliance with all relevant statutory requirements and best practice under South African law.

Forced disclosure

With the above in mind, should we be issued with a court order ordering us to disclose specific information related to the practices of a client we will be forced to do so in accordance with the laws of the Supreme Court of the Republic of South Africa. We will under no other circumstance or with any other external pressures be forced to disclose such information.

Scanning of electronic communications

Our mail and other electronic communication services are all actively protected by anti spam and anti virus technologies, these technologies open, scan and modify messages and other data to clean, prevent, score and report on things like viruses and spam. Apart from such automated processes designed to protect the client, we do not open or otherwise scan, capture or index your electronic communication. By using the our products and services the client also accepts this fact.

Retention of Personal Information

All personal information will only be retained for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purposes mentioned in this policy

Cloud backups

Just as the clients data is owned by the client and we have no right to it, the clients backup data is owned by the client and governed by this agreement. We will treat such data as we would any other data in our care.


For all our products and services and client servers under our care, only the particular client will have access to his/her data and be given the access details and credentials to do so. The client however indemnifies us from any unauthorised access of his/her data under our care due to the actions of a third party or factors not under our direct control - this can include but is not limited to, the clients own employees, the use of weak passwords by the client or disclose of access details to a third party by the client directly.

Our rights

We only reserve the right to suspend services and prevent access to any data/servers/etc. under our care should an account be in arrears and no attempt is made by the client to resolve any such issue.